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Self-management of Osteoarthritis

In 2005, the Australasian Cochrane Centre in collaboration with the Cochrane
Consumers and Communication Review Group and the Monash University
Department of General Practice were successful in obtaining a Public Health
Research Grant from the Department of Human Services Victoria.

The research proposal titled Closing the gap between research and practice in self-management of osteoarthritis had four main objectives:

  1. to conduct a systematic review of the effectiveness of self-management programs for people with osteoarthritis;
  2. to create an inventory of self-management programs currently available to people with osteoarthritis in Victoria;
  3. to identify potential barriers and enablers to general practitioner referral of people with osteoarthritis to self-management programs; and
  4. to document gaps in self-management programs and to provide evidence-based recommendations to inform policy development on delivery, access, and increased uptake of self-management programs for people with osteoarthritis in Victoria.

The project team consisted of staff from ACC (Sally Green, Veronica Pitt, Denise O'Connor and Simon French) in collaboration with Sophie Hill (Cochrane Consumers and Communication Review Group) and Neil Spike (Monash University Department of General Practice).

The report was submitted to the Public Health branch of the Victorian Department of Human Services in May 2006.

A Cochrane systematic review on this topic area is currently in progress and is registered with the Cochrane Musculoskeletal Review Group. A research paper presenting results of the focus group interviews with GPs has been published in a peer-reviewed journal ("Referral of people with osteoarthritis to self-management programmes: barriers and enablers identified by general practitioners." V. Pitt, D. O'Connor and S. Green. Disability and Rehabilitation. 2007 (accepted for publication November 2007)).

veronica.pitt@monash.edu; phone: 03 9903 0366.


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